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13 Wedding Nail Designs Perfect for Your Special Day

There is something about freshly painted nails that make you feel ready to take on anything. Therefore, a fresh mani/pedi are essential to your wedding celebrations. Along with your wedding gown, fashion-forward accessories and nail designs should be top of mind when creating your wedding day look. Minimalist nail art , manicures that play with color and texture, or more detailed designs that include beaded accouterments are sure to make your nails stand out.

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Truly, this nail design is great for any day of the week. The nude background and bright white design is tasteful and striking. It is a modern take on the classic French manicure. 


Gold is a regal color that has a way of elevating outfits, event spaces, and your wedding day nails. The brilliant color effortlessly adds glam. You can choose from gold accents, bright designs, or a full gold set to complete your wedding day look.


Adding diamonds, tiny jewels, or any of your favorite gems will  create a memorable manicure. If you like intricate designs consider a deep and elegant emerald or a sultry topaz. Your nails will certainly shine. Choosing a bejeweled color also gives you the chance to add color to your wedding look. Pick a color that fits your style and the mood of your wedding. 


Although gold adds glam, don’t exclude other metallics when picking out your wedding day nails. Choose from bronze, silver, platinum, or rose gold. Metallic nails can be the perfect accent to your ceremony and reception looks . 


An edgier nail design is a painted black manicure that will add some contrast to your stunning white gown. Add an intricate, white design to step up your manicure. Your nails will be show-stopping and statement-making. 


A top nail trend this year–not only for weddings– is milky or glazed nails. This design adds dimension to your nails and combines other top trends: metallics, shine, and the timeless white manicure. It is perfect for the days going into your wedding and for your honeymoon right after. The effortlessly cool design will make you want to wear it all year long. 


Bring true art to your nails. For a more unique manicure consider “oil-painting” nails. The mixture of pastels and light colors is simply beautiful.. If your wedding colors include light pinks, blues, or even grays an oil painting manicure will be perfect for your wedding. 


A chic update to the classic French manicure. The easy, angled design elongates your nails and is versatile enough for any of your wedding day celebrations. 


You can’t go wrong with neutral nails. Neutrals pair with everything and are understated in the best way. From beige, taupe, light brown, tan, or even pale pink, neutral and nude tones give a clean, fashionable look that is perfect all day and night. 


For the creative artist in you, another cutting edge wedding nail design is the detailed gradient. Pick from extra colorful designs, metallics, or a white to transparent design. The colors and styles of a gradient nail design are endless.  


Pearls are a big wedding trend for gowns, accessories, and your fresh wedding day manicure. Pick from pearly white nail polish to actual pearl appliques, you can’t go wrong with either style. Pearls have a notable elegance, whether worn as jewelry or on your nails, that will complement your wedding look. 


Add some style to your wedding nails by picking a fashionable, marble nail design. A classic white marble manicure will bring more edge to your wedding day look. Consider a light pink, rose quartz design for a little twist on this popular nail trend. The marbled design can accent your accessories for the day. 


Florals are not only for your bouquet and decor. There is a refined way of adding a floral design to your wedding day nails. It doesn’t have to be big, loud, and bright. The daintier and subtler the better. Consider adding colored accented lines to modernize your manicure.

Written by: Angela de Mesa

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