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Art & Style

A Night at The Museum

Fashion is art, a statement epitomized by this styled editorial. Capturing the beauty of fashion and sculptural art, Natalya Resnik proves that the two mediums are one and the same. Couture pieces by Silvia Wintergest dance about the Museum of Casts of Classical Statues in Munich, galvanizing creativity and celebrating art.

The sculptural pieces in the Museum of Casts of Classical Statues in Munich, Germany are the perfect backdrop for showcasing the couture wardrobe. The clean lines and architectural shapes of the garments complement the sculptures, creating the art-inspired editorial. A minimalist color palette creates a sense of purity and elegance, allowing the focus to remain on the shapes and textures of both the clothing and the sculptures.

Henrikes Art of Cakes provided a sculptural cake that seamlessly integrated into the exhibit. The confection mimicked the art pieces, representing surrealistic motifs and thought-provoking detail about the female form and how it is often dissected in the name of art.

"Fashion is Art and You Are The Canvas"

Photographer - Natalya Resnik
Fashion Designer - Silvia Wintergerst Couture
Accessory Designer - Dila Accessories
Model - Antonia Thurner
Makeup Artist - Zhuravleva Anna
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Florist - Heidi Gold Designerie
Confectioner - Henrikes Art of Cakes