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How to Make Your Wedding Vows Special

Writing your wedding vows may feel like a daunting task. It isn’t always easy to verbalize your deep feelings, especially if you're speaking in front of a large audience. There’s also that inherent pressure to make it exceedingly special or to make your guests laugh. However, vows are the promises you make to your partner, a declaration of the healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship you plan to have with them. It’s just you and the love of your life at the altar, so writing your vows is easier when you focus on what matters the most, your love for and commitment to  each other. Keeping it simple, speaking from your heart, and remembering why you love your life partner is the perfect starting point. 

If you still feel stuck, consider these easy steps to help you write your most authentic and special wedding vows.

Photography: Camera Shi


Don’t wait until the last minute to write your wedding vows. Writing your vows ahead of time helps you get rid of the nerves and allows you to get all of your thoughts out on paper. The time you give yourself will be for brainstorming, thinking of structure, format, and tone. Your wedding vows do not have to be long. Wedding vows should be more about quality rather than quantity.  


Think of when you first met, when you fell in love, and what you love most about your partner. Think of your favorite moments together, from evenings on the couch to international trips abroad. These anecdotes make your vows unique and reinforces you and your partner as the main characters. 


Again, it's normal to feel stuck when writing your wedding vows, so asking for help is always a good idea. Assistance with writing your wedding vows can come in many forms; advice from your best friends, family members, or your partner’s loved ones. If not someone close to you, find inspiration from movies, poetry, literature, or even music. If you don’t feel like you’re a creative person and writing doesn't come easy you can always outsource this task by hiring a professional writer. There are several vow writing services and freelancers who can assist with perfectly crafting your vows. Looking for inspiration and asking for help shows that you care. On the special day, your effort and intention will show. 


Feel those feelings! Then, write them down and read them. Being sentimental can be uncomfortable for people, but with your partner, sharing those deep, transparent, and loving words will go an extremely long way. Your feelings for your partner are real and why wouldn't they want to hear how much you love them?


All in all, vows are promises to your partner. This is where you can shine and share how you plan to be the best partner you can be. Think of daily promises to care for your partner to the life-long commitments you strive to stick to as you embark on this new journey with the love of your life! Whatever you decide to say, be honest and promise to love them in the best way you can. 


This tip is if you feel nervous. It is always a good idea to practice and hear your words out loud. Hearing your words out loud can help you edit as well. It’s okay to have your wedding vows written on paper and ready for you to read. You do not want to forget any vows or details on your wedding day. 


Keeping your vows for your wedding day will naturally keep them special. This tip may be a given, but saving your speech for the wedding day and not sharing your carefully written words with anyone will be a heartwarming surprise and will make the day more memorable.

Release the pressure and the nerves, and keep the vows unique to your experience and why you decided you wanted the person by your side as your life partner. That’s all that will matter at the end of it all. 

Photography: Camera Shi

Written By: Angela de Mesa