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Lake Como Engagement Session: Mitra & Kevin

Mitra and Kevin's love story is what aspirational rom-coms are made of. Their magnetic meet cute set the stage for boundless romance and their humorous first date embodied the ease of friendship. Take the journey from D.C. to Portofino as you read the couple's style centric love story.

The Meet Cute

Mitra and Kevin's love story is what aspirational rom-coms are made of. It was a summer night in D.C. when the couple would meet for the first time. Mitra strolled into a bar impeccably dressed, the result of attending her sister’s birthday celebration, where she spotted a more casual Kevin. But his wrinkled t-shirt and flip flops didn’t overshadow his commanding presence, an aura Mitra couldn’t deny. The feeling was mutual, Kevin noticed Mitra right away and he was sure that she was someone he needed to know. Before the night ended, Kevin successfully asked for Mitra’s phone number, securing their first date at a Michelin star restaurant in the district.

The First Date

The couple’s first date is one they’ll never forget because it almost didn’t happen. The night of the date, Mitra was tied up with work and informed Kevin of her circumstances, but wild horses couldn’t keep her away. Mitra went to the restaurant, laptop in hand, determined to wrap up her work obligations and have the first date with the man she’d later call her fiancé. Kevin --donning a tailored navy blazer accessorized with a pocket square, jeans, and loafers perfect for the summer weather – was unbothered by Mitra having to temporarily use their dining table as a workstation. Mitra couldn’t deny that his attire was impressive, a complete departure from their first meet. While she worked, Kevin was incredibly supportive and joked with the waitress saying, “this is our first date…how do you think it’s going?” a comedic moment foreshadowing the many laughs they’d share.

The Proposal

On Valentine’s Day, Kevin planned a thoughtful and exciting surprise. He presented Mitra with three trip options, pairing each choice with a signature cocktail and itinerary. Mitra selected Italy and the trip was set for June. The couple journeyed to the picturesque Italian fishing village of Portofino.

Their first night in Portofino, Kevin orchestrated an exclusive dinner at the Castello Brown castle overlooking the port. To Mitra’s surprise, Kevin reserved the entire castle for the evening, cementing their cinematic love story. Before sitting down for dinner, they walked to the top of the castle to take in the view of the city, it was in that moment Kevin gown down on one knee and proposed. In an emotional declaration he told Mitra that he loved her since the moment they met, that he was excited to be her partner and he looked forward to building a full life together. Mitra fell to her knees and joyfully accepted his proposal as his equal life partner. It was divine, and completed with an idyllic sunset dinner.


The Engagement Portraits

“We had one rule for the style of our photoshoot: we wanted it to be us,” the couple stated. The engagement portraits capture the two as a chic couple enveloped in love. Set in Lake Como, quintessential Italian flare married with contemporary notes are evident in Kevin and Mitra’s portraits. Their classic and unfeigned style fit perfectly within the setting. Kevin’s tuxedo and Rolex complements the vintage Italian car, and Mitra’s modern Katherine Tash mini dress, Chanel accessories, and luxe jewels amplify her as the beautifully stylish bride-to-be. To some, Kevin and Mitra’s flawless engagement session may look expertly planned but the couple left themselves open to where the day would take them, giving photographer Patrizia and her husband permission to lead them in the right direction. Because of that, they were able to create authentic engagement photos that captured their love for each other and Italy.

“We had one rule for the style of our photoshoot: we wanted it to be us.”

Style was at the center of Kevin and Mitra’s meet cute, it’s what they acknowledge as the thing that brought them together. Kevin’s love for flip flops is an ode to his beachside upbringing. While Mitra’s edgy meets classic style pays homage to her city background. Their differing aesthetics did not stand in the way of the couple finding their way to each other. And though they may be opposites in fashion, their love and support of one another is synonymous.

Written By - Tiffany Lewars
Photography - Blancorazon Wedding
Planning - Elope to Europe
Dress - Katherine Tash
Earrings - Arabella
Purse - Chanel
Black Suit & Shoes - Suit Supply
White Tuxedo Jacket - Bonobos