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Multifaceted: The Range of the 21ST Century Bride

The beauty of bridal fashion isn’t just in its covenant of love, it’s also in its ability to be multifaceted. Like most things, bridal style has gone through its own evolution, currently residing in the era of true individuality. Historically, brides often followed the trend of their era, like drop waists in the 1920s or elaborate lace detailing in the 1980s. Today as we continue to advance and celebrate one another’s unique perspectives, bridal style beautifully reflects that. In a cohesive way, this Vows of Style shoot highlights the range of 21st century bridal fashion. From jumpsuits to ruffled gowns, today’s brides are advocating for fashion they can identify with, fashion that reflects their style, fashion that doesn’t overpower them but highlights their beauty — and designers have answered the call.

Gown by Catherine Kowalski Bridal, Earrings by Jade Oi Studio

Leaning into the concept that less is more, The Law is minimalism personified. Clean lines and innovative silhouettes offer brides a blank canvas they can freely make their own. Brides who identify as modern minimalists are drawn to designers like The Law, stating through fashion that all she needs is a muted design and she’ll take care of the rest.

Accessories by Jade Oi Studio

Bridal jumpsuits have become a staple in the industry. Edgy by nature, the style saw popularity in 2014 when Solange Knowles donned a Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit at her wedding. Since then we’ve seen brides eager to incorporate the style in one or more of their wedding looks. The Lihi Hod “Eve” jumpsuit takes the style to another level with its knotted bodice, one shoulder strap, and wide legs. Unconventional brides revel in suiting as it defies the notion that a bride is only a bride if they are wearing a dress.

The full sleeves, tulle, and ruffles we had to have in the 80s have undergone a transformation appropriate for the 21st century bride. Fantastical looks like the “Claudia” gown by Alon Livné White are at the heart of the bridal industry, constantly reminding us of this often once in a lifetime moment. It is looks like this that give us butterflies and invigorates our romanticism.  Brides clinging to the tradition of the “white gown” can find comfort knowing that while the industry has modernized, there will always be room for convention.

The range in bridal fashion is a direct response to the diversity of today’s brides and it’s surely a sight to see. Embracing the reality that brides are not monolithic, we have the privilege of living in a time where every bride can be celebrated for their unique style. From durag veils and sneakers to classic sheaths, “here comes the bride” has never been so eclectic.

Written by: Tiffany Lewars
Styling: Tiffany Lewars, Vows of Style
Hair and Makeup: Posh Bridal Beauty
Photography: Chaniel Andran Photography

Bridal Fashion:
Catherine Kowalski Bridal

The Law
via The One Bridal Boutique
Lihi Hod via The One Bridal Boutique
Alon Livné White
Accessories: Jade Oi Studio
Model: Nina Simone Mosley via LADH Agency